The 15 of February is a day we will present the beauty program “The Best Version of yourself” in Brick house cafe bar. It is not the usual training on how to become beautiful by making hairstyles and makeup; it’s much deeper and more serious course. “The best version” is aimed to examine and remind yourself who you are and what you want!

The Brick house café-bar is very “girlish” place, all space on the first and second floor is divided into zones. There is a cozy zone for negotiations, for pleasant talks with a cup of coffee, for a reading books. And there is a space for training and events.

“The Best Version of Yourself” is a monthly program from the beauty expert, a professional hairstylist, and a women success coach – Monica Davis. She has 2 year experience in coaching and 15 years experience in hairstyling, which she shares on her personal blog creating great reviews on the modern straighteners portable flat irons. Monica helps women to find the best version of themselves.

The program will be divided into 4 blocks – a block about psychology, a block about etiquette, a block about the body (cosmetology + healthy nutrition), a block about appearance (make-up, hairstyles).

An appearance plays a very important role in our life. We will talk about a conscious appearance that is harmonious with our inner world. The idea of our beauty program is that every girl who will pass the course will be able to find her conscious ideal of beauty, understand herself and will open herself to the world with the help of leading beauty expert.

After each lesson, you will receive a set of recommendations, a clear plan of action and tasks. That’s all will bring you closer to creating your best version!

  • Program will start the 15th of February.
  • Duration – 1 month.
  • For more information call: 1-152-152-4975
  • Feel free to write us on

New Year`s party

Capacity of the cafe: up to 130 people

Format: buffet / banquet

New Year in a Hollywood style! The dazzling brilliance of diamonds, the sea of ​​champagne, the general atmosphere of the holiday and a lot of fun!
Who has never dreamt of becoming rich and famous?! To live in the attention of hundreds of cameras and surrounded by crowds of fans?
If you an outstanding personality, if you like to sparkle with a smile and dance to the point of falling, this party is for you! Welcome to the world of luxury and bright fun!

In the “Hollywood” program :

  • Charming presenter Lev Ankov (Hollywood)
  • Witte Brothers (Live Sax Project)
  • Live filming of the New Year’s party
  • Contests with a live camera
  • Popular Juzzz cover-band.
  • Dance performance “Chocolate” from Dallas
  • And the highlight of the evening is the exclusive show “The Girl on the Ball.”
  • Exclusive design, photo zones
  • New Year’s Cocktail Bar

Dates and cost:

  • 7, 18, 19, 20 of December – 60$ for 1 person, 40$ for a child
  • December 15, 16, 21 of December – 70$ for 1 person, 50$ for a child
  • 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 of December – 80$ for 1 person, 60$ for a child
  • 29, 30 of December- 90$ for 1 person, 70$ for a child
  • 22, 23 of December – 100$ for 1 person, 80$ for a child
  • 31 of December – 110$ for 1 person, 90$ for a child

This price includes New Year’s show program; New Year’s menu (snacks, salads, hot dish, desserts, drinks).

The main dish for choice:

1. French meat (served with potato wedges) 250 / 150gr.
2. Baked chicken breast with tomatoes (served with potato gratin) 200/150 / 30gr.
3. Fish pigtail (salmon and Pollock, served with rice) 200/150 / 30gr.
4. Pork roll with dried apricots and prunes (served with rice vegetables) 220/150 / 40gr.

For reservation and information call: 1-866-154-2549